Chapter 463: The Beauty of Goryokaku Koen (五稜郭公園)

Parks, nature and pretty flowers makes a day worth while. After seeing the fort from above, it was time to enter and explore. It felt very peaceful and the sense of tranquility ran through the entire atmosphere. Wisteria is one of my favourite flowers, the purple shades and how they dangle down like ornaments is very beautiful. The fort is made up of many things to see, the former magistrates office located in the centre of the grounds, bridges and waters filled with Koi Fishes and adorable lively turtles swimming about etc. In spring there’s the cherry blossoms in early May which I’m sure would look amazing with the lush of pinks. 


5 thoughts on “Chapter 463: The Beauty of Goryokaku Koen (五稜郭公園)

  1. Hello from Helsinki. Temperature is about zero and sky is cloudy. Beautiful is correct word for Your lovely post. So much beauty which I have not seen. I am glad that You shared it with us. Thank You.

    Have a wonderful day!

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