Chapter 474: Hokkaido Shakotan・Shimamui Coast (積丹・島武意海岸)

The spectacular view of Shimamui Coast, part of Cape Shakotan.

Shimamui is one of the most beautiful scenery of nature I have ever seen and it’s one of the top 100 best beaches in Japan. It is located on the western coast of Hokkaido. The translucent crystal-like blue waters, the rocks and fresh air is absolute heaven. The viewpoint is literally a short walk from the carpark and straight through a dark little tunnel. This is why I left the office to goto Hokkaido for the ultimate break. There is nothing more relaxing than the calm waters and winds blowing gently through your hair, seeing all blue skies and having not a worry in the world!

It would be advantageous if you have a car (approx. a 2 hour drive) because there are no stations nearby and the only way to get to the coast is via road. There is a Highway Shakotan Bus (高速しゃこたん号) departing straight from Sapporo Station Terminal (札幌駅前ターミナル), it passes through Otaru Station, and you can get off at Shimamui Coast Entrance (島武意海岸入口), the bus terminates at Cape Kamui (神威岬) however, there is… I think only 1 bus there and 1 bus back per day. Another easier way to go to Shimamui and Kamui is to take the Chuo-Bus Tour run by the Hokkaido ChuoBus Corp. 

Overall, this was one of my favourite places in Hokkaido. The scenery was embedded into my memory and I can not forget how blue the colours were. Also, before the tunnel there are public toilets so…Not to worry if you need to pee.


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