Chapter 480: Shakotan Underwater Observatory Cruise, Cape Ogon (積丹 水中展望船・黄金岬)

Shakotan Underwater Observatory Cruise, Cape Ogon (積丹 水中展望船・黄金岬) in Hokkaido!

It has been almost 13 years since I last went on a cruise and this was one of the best short cruises I’ve been on. The Shakotan cruise is only about 45 mins and costs 1400 yen per adult. The cruise consists of 3 main activities, the view of Cape Ogon, Feeding Bread Strips to the Seagulls and Exploring the Underwater Observatory to check some of the many Uni (Sea Urchins). 

The start of the cruise begins on the banks of Bikuni Town. There is usually a cruise operating every 50-60 minutes, opening hours are between 8:30am to 4:30pm, however this may change depending on the weather conditions. As far as I’m aware if you travel alone or with less than 14 people then you can simply buy a ticket at the booth on a first come first serve basis, bigger groups may need to book in advance. 

The cruise was a memory I can not forget, the gentle cool winds and the warm sun on my skin… many of the seagulls didn’t want to eat the bread provided by cruise company, the sailor explained that sometimes they preferred to go fishing for fresh seafood.

The waters were so beautiful. When going towards Cape Ogon the waters appear almost as if it has been dyed in turquoise, vivid and like a big sheet of velvet. It was fun getting to check out the sea urchins under water and it was so relaxing on the deck that I didn’t want to leave. A large chunk of my heart was left on that cruise, it had awaken new favourite activity which I’d like to do more in the future…CRUISES! 


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