Chapter 482: A Good New Pair of Shoes Will Take You On A Good New Journey

For every new holiday that lasts more than a week I will spoil myself with 1-2 new pair of shoes, preferable something along the lines of comfy trainers. I recently went shopping after work to get my hands on some sale items and came across these cute trainers from Puma. The bows remind me of Sailor Moon! I’ll take them on my for 21 days in Japan holiday in April, I simply can not wait! It’s quite funny to be honest, it has become some sort of tradition or superstition of mine where I need new shoes for stepping foot into new places abroad. Almost, like a good luck charm. 


6 thoughts on “Chapter 482: A Good New Pair of Shoes Will Take You On A Good New Journey

  1. 21 days !! I hope you will deicover more about Japan and enjoy your holiday !

    But staying 21 days in Japan might be quite pricey ? ( that’s my friend said before).
    Where do you stay ? Hotel ? Airbnb ? Or couch surfing ?

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    1. Thank you! I simply can not wait to get out of the office and fly away!!!!! I’ll be staying in some cheap business hotels and ryokans during my trip!! I also booked myself in a modern ryokan resort with full-board in Hachinohe. Good thing is that I have been working like crazy for the past many months to get another pay rise and bonus to keep saving up! I like to book my hotels early because usually they have the early-bird discounts…A lot of the times I book through either Expedia or Booking, and directly through the Japanese hotel sites. ^^

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