Chapter 492: Happy New Year 2019

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the New Year!

I seriously can not believe that it’s already 2019. I haven’t settled on any resolutions this year but I will keep saving up money to go see more of my favourite travel destination, Japan. New cities, new towns, seasides, countrysides, mountains etc. Also, eat new foods and try new soft ice creams! There is one thing on my mind which is: to explore more of Hokkaido! I’m debating if I should do a 1-2 week holiday during next October time, I heard Autumn will be beautiful….I shall consult my bank account and see!!


14 thoughts on “Chapter 492: Happy New Year 2019

  1. Have a wonderful new year. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos during the year (you gave me a mini vacation in Japan) and I look forward to your further travels.
    Thanks again.

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