Chapter 506: Tomita Farm Lavender Coffee (ファミ富田ラベンダーコーヒー)

Exclusive lavender coffee from the Tomita Farm in Furano Hokkaido! I was never a big drinker of coffee but it grew on me, and I started drinking it at work because I’ve started to feel the effects of getting older and tired with life. I wish I also purchased the tea version too, but the coffee was very delightful.

Not too bitter with a mild burst of lavender leaving your mouth with a light floral aftertaste. It’s an interesting flavour of coffee. Also, it smells so lovely and soothing!

The coffee comes with little lavender petals inside, I bought a packet to share with my colleagues and a lot of them found the taste too strong of flower but I found it mild and just right. It’s not instant coffee however, but it was well worth the wait. I’d love to try other lavender drinks in the future!


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