Chapter 509: Densetsu no Suta Donya (伝説のすた丼屋)

I visited the Densetsu no Suta Donya Aeon Mall Asahikawa Ekimae Branch (伝説のすた丼屋 イオンモール旭川駅前店) which is located inside the food court on the ground floor of the Aeon Mall. I ordered the Densetsu Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen + Gyoza Set (伝説の東京豚骨らーめん + 餃子セット) it only costed me 1211 Yen, so that’s like £7.00~£8.00 which is impossible to get for that price in the UK. Plus it came with a free salad side dish! My buzzer went off within a few short minutes after sitting down so I went to fetch my food. So. . .This is called fast-food in Japan. . .Literally fast!!

It was absolutely delicious, the thinly sliced pork was so soft and tender. The grilled gyoza was just perfect, crispy and bursting with flavour. The broth too! YUMMY! A decent meal for a tiring day, I was so stuffed I slipped into a food-comma and didn’t want to come out of that snuggly warm feeling. But, alas. . . I had to make my way to the hotel reminding myself to go get some snacks on the way. Also, I noticed that there were school kids around studying whilst eating their dinner, it was a rare sight for me.


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