Chapter 510: Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel Asahikawa (藤田観光ワシントンホテル旭川)

Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel Asahikawa (藤田観光ワシントンホテル旭川)

This was, by far, the cheapest hotel I’ve stayed at in Japan. £24.13/per night on Expedia for just the room, so it was like 3300 Yen. I only needed a comfy place to crash for the night plus I was going to check-out before 6am to get an early start. The hotel is conveniently located across the street from the JR Asahikawa Station and Aeon Mall, so I didn’t have to travel far.

When I arrived, it was about 9pm and I was greeted with a lovely member of staff. I checked in quickly and went up the lift to goto my room. The size is perfect for 1 person because I don’t need a load of space, just enough for my luggage and my existence to fit. Everything was fine, cosy and I had a great sleep. The bathroom is a little outdated but I’m not fussed because it has a deep soaking bath-tub. Overall it was a great stay!!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 510: Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel Asahikawa (藤田観光ワシントンホテル旭川)

    1. A lot of hotels that I’ve been to in japan have big bottles of shampoo and lotions in their bathrooms for their guests, they simply refill when it’s low. I find in Europe they usually give me little tiny bottles 🤗

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