Chapter 514: Hokkaido Tofu Pudding (北海道の豆腐プリン)

Hokkaido Tofu Pudding (北海道の豆腐プリン)

This little glass pot of goodness is from a Cake and Confectionary Shop called Yamashita (ケーキと銘菓の店ヤマシタ). I was very intrigued by the cute packaging and didn’t give it a second thought. Tofu! Can’t go wrong with that! It was very rich, creamy, thick in consistency, milky sweet like vanilla. At the pit of the bottom contained some red bean paste. This was truly a delightful treat and I loved it so much! Now I wish I had bought some more! I can’t recall how much it costed me, but I remember thinking it was damn cheap. I can say, this was the best tofu dessert I’ve ever had!!


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