Chapter 518: Asahi Bridge & Ishikari River (旭橋・石狩川)

The Asahi Bridge finds its way on the Ishikari River. There’s 130 big to small rivers flowing through the area. Asahikawa has so many bridges and rivers that its nickname is: The Town of River and Bridge. The Asahi Bridge is the symbol of Asahikawa, and with Kawa meaning River in the name, it’s just such an interesting place to visit with so much to offer. Like I’ve said before in previous posts Asahikawa is unlike other cities, despite being the 2nd largest in Hokkaido. There’s non of that busy-bee feel that impacts a lot of stress when you find yourself lost in a big crowd.

The bridge offers a scenic view of the river, I simply love taking the time watching the sunlight sparkle and bounce off the surface of the waters. Most people drove across the bridge, there were students in sailor uniforms riding their bikes across the bridge and there’s just so much open space. It feels good to be laid-back once in a while, no rush, and plenty of time on my hands.


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