Chapter 522: A Day Trip To Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園)

Just look at those big paws! So cute!!
The one wolf stretching was just so adorable! The pack was howling for a long time.
If I was a wolf I’d be like this one. . .The Gudetama Wolf who howled whilst laying flat.
I love brown bears! They’re so fluffy and cuddly looking. I thought I’d see more, but only one was out to play.
Such a cute yawn! It was the early morning so I completely understand!
This penguin was cute, looked like it was posing!
One of my favourite pictures so far. I can only imagine someone walking out from behind the shutter to be greeted by two massive ostriches!! They’re so funny!
The hippo standing lost its balance and tried several times jumping up and down to join its friend.
One monkey or chimp was swinging from above and kept yelling.
The gorilla vending area!

Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園)

I decided to take a day trip to the zoo! The zoo is located outside of the centre of town smack in the middle of Hokkaido! It’s not only a popular place to visit but it’s one of the main top attractions. An adult ticket costs 820 Yen for general entry, I have to say there were more kids than adults around. I visited on a Sunday. . .So I knew it was going to be a busy morning lining up! I haven’t been to a zoo for a very long time, almost a decade now, so this was something almost new. . .

The day started out cloudy, and the weather was indecisive, switching between a sudden ‘Oh it’s chilly!’ to a ‘Oh wait, I’m baking!’ but by midday it settled and remained warm throughout. I was very excited to see all sorts of wildlife, especially the penguins and bears! They’re all just so adorable! There were a few places to eat and grab some snacks, vending machines for refreshments and plenty of benches to sit on. I’ve reached that age where my back hurts if I stand or walk for too long, a year or two ago I could walk around all day with no worries, sad. . .

I didn’t see a lot of tourists during my visit, mainly Japanese families with their kids. The location is hilly and some parts of the zoo requires a bit of leg muscles. They’ve built the place to be like one big playground to not only see but to also learn about the nature of the animals. When you enter some areas, it’s like setting foot into a small primary school classroom with walls of educational posters and drawings.

It was my first time seeing wolves, and hearing them howl. It was LOUD! And the one wolf who decided to be a lazy egg and howled whilst still laying flat on his side was legend! It was too adorable!! Also, I never knew ostriches could be so big and tall! Much taller than myself and their feathers are like one puffy dress. Overall it was a good day out and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 522: A Day Trip To Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園)

  1. I’ve recently been to the London ZSL zoo and I hadn’t been to a zoo in like 10 years as well. It was such a great experience, I’m definitely considering going to zoos more often. If I ever Hokkaido, I’m definitely keeping this on my list of places to visit! I’ve never seen such large wolves (only small Iberian wolves) and polar bears, plus the ticket is so cheap!

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