Chapter 526: Kaisen Shiki Migozen Ekiben (海鮮四季味御膳の駅弁)

Kaisen Shiki Migozen Ekiben (海鮮四季味御膳の駅弁)

I knew I had a journey to make from Asahikawa Station to Sapporo Station to Tomamu Station. Apparently it is the most quickest way to get to Tomamu with only 1 transfer, I did see on the map that I could have taken the train towards Furano then down south but the trains weren’t as regular as the ones departing from Sapporo thus it was the better and more comfy option. Before boarding the train, I bought myself a scrumptious looking ekiben from Asahikawa station because I knew I needed some lunch and intended to grab some fresh seafood!

The box is separated into 4 compartments offering 4 different types of tastes. It costed me under 1500 Yen. The box contains rice, crab stick and crab meat, scallops, shellfish, salmon roe, sea urchin and a kelp roll. I have to say I made a good decent choice, this kept me going and I still had space in my stomach for dessert before dinner. I really like salmon roe because it tastes so fresh, bursting of yummy flavour and addictive. The loose sweet crab meat was a favourite of mine! I enjoyed eating this ekiben and the portion was perfect.


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