Chapter 533: Hokkaido Melon Cream Soda & Bread (北海道メロンクリームソーダ&パン)

Hmm Yum! Sometimes you just fancy something sweet and can’t stop thinking about it. I came across some melon cream soda and bread when I was at a convenient shop in Sapporo. I bought it as part of my snack for my 1 hour and 30 min journey from Sapporo Station to Tomamu. I was proud of myself for picking out something so new and delicious for me…you can taste the fruity melon sweetness in the soft bread with a cream filled core that made me regret not getting one more! The soda tastes so delicious too, refreshing and bursting with melon! Very addictive…


3 thoughts on “Chapter 533: Hokkaido Melon Cream Soda & Bread (北海道メロンクリームソーダ&パン)

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