Chapter 536: Genghis Khan (ジンギスカン)

Genghis Khan (ジンギスカン)

Lamb? For as long as remember I never liked lamb. The smell and taste. . .Had always been unpleasant to my nostrils. But, trying Genhis Khan for the first time I can not tell you how much I LOVED IT!!! Mutton is the best! I picked this restaurant called King, located in the Hoshino Resort Tomamu grounds, they specialised in the dish and I was so happy!! I tried 2 types of lamb, the first was the premium lamb and the second was the best mutton ever! And you get to cook it on a small stove so that was pretty fun. The meat was very tender and made a perfect combo with a bowl of rice, I also had a side dish of beansprouts and seaweed soup! The bill came to 5250 Yen which was a well worth it, especially for 1. When I go back to Hokkaido I’m going to definitely try Genghis Khan again.


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