Chapter 542: Unkai Terrace (雲海テラス)

Unkai Terrace (雲海テラス)

Travelling to Tomamu Hokkaido had been a long time dream of mine. I really wanted to check out the clouds…But unfortunately by the time I arrived up from the gondola lift, there were no clouds but a beautiful scenery of green nature. So it was well indeed worth the travel! The terrace was actually a lot smaller than I had pictured but it was very peaceful and I enjoyed my time here. There was a a member of staff on the second floor of the terrace giving info about the clouds. The second floor was a lot busier and many people were heading up to the next part of the mountain! I did notice a lot of pretty women were wearing heels whilst hiking up, I was thinking to myself ‘Thank goodness I’m wearing sneakers!’



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