Chapter 545: Let’s Go To Okinawa Again In December 2019

Right, it was a spontaneous decision that I booked my flight to Okinawa for this December 2019. It’s only February so it feels like years away, I actually wanted to go to Hokkaido during the Autumn season but the flight tickets seemed a bit more expensive than last year. This may very well be because of the Rugby World Cup.

I thought somewhere hot would be better. And, Okinawa came to mind. I booked my ticket with KLM which is the usual airline company that I prefer flying with, although in April I’d be going to Japan via Lufthansa and ANA. Yes, I like to plan early so I can have the luxury to procrastinate and to be able to take my sweet time looking at the vast amount of things to see, do and eat.

Outbound Journey:

Fri 29 Nov 2019: LHR (10:00) to AMS (12:25) then; AMS (14:25) to KIX (09:30) via KLM

Sat 30 Nov 2019: KIX (15:05) to OKI (17:20) via ANA (The 5 hour lay over in Osaka…I’ll think of something to kill time)

Inbound Journey:

Sat 7 Dec 2019: OKI (18:10) to INC (20:40) via Korean Air

Sun 8 Dec 2019: INC (00:55) to AMS (04:30) then; AMS (07:20) to LHR (07:40) via KLM

Total Paid: £544.74

So my journey consists of 2 other shared airlines, ANA and Korean Air! I’ve only been on Asiana which is a good Korean airline when I was flying back from Fukuoka last year. So, it’ll be nice to experience Korean Air too. I was actually looking at Cathay Pacific the other night but it was much more expensive than KLM, and it also has a 5 hour lay over but in Hong Kong…I also looked at ANA but they didn’t have good times for me. So KLM it was!!

I’m looking forward to this years holidays because in August I’m also heading out to Paris again and also visiting Spain, one of my best friends lives in Barcelona and we shall be reunited!! So as of now I have ZERO more paid holiday allowances for the year…I absolutely can not wait!! You can check out my short break of 2017 Okinawa Posts Here:

Until then…Come on APRIL, I can not wait for my 21 days in Japan Spring Time Trip: 


11 thoughts on “Chapter 545: Let’s Go To Okinawa Again In December 2019

  1. Congrats on the upcoming trip! I never got out to Okinawa when I was in Japan back in 2017 but I’ve been thinking I might try to pay a visit if I’m able to return to Japan towards the end of this year. A friend of mine used to live on Okinawa and he told me it’s a great place.

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  2. I lived in Okinawa for 2 years, amazing place. I highly recommend getting an international drivers license and renting yourself a little car. There are no trains like the rest of Japan, it’s all roads, cars, buses, etc., with the exception of one monorail around the city center. The aquarium for example is really far from the airport. Are you planning to visit any smaller islands by ferry?

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