Chapter 550: Breakfast at Buffet Dining hal Tomamu

In the end I decided to wanted to goto hal, which is. Buffet dining experience that offers breakfast and dinner. I had a breakfast-coupon which was start of my hotel package. It’s located in near the Water Chapel side. The buffet is limited to about 90 mins per person which is plenty of time to slowly enjoy your meal with a lovely green view outside the wide spacious windows. The food was excellent with large selections from soba, rice, soup, omelletes, chips, meatballs, fish, fruits and all sorts of drinks from coffee to berry juice. I had a wonderful experience here, the staff were extremely welcoming and the restaurant itself was big, even when there were a lot of people I didn’t feel like it was suffocating. One of the best buffets I’ve ever had!!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 550: Breakfast at Buffet Dining hal Tomamu

  1. Ohmygosh everything looks so remarkably mouth-watering. The food-lover within me is aweing quite a bit, lol. Thanks for sharing this! Aside from the food, that view is spectacular as well.

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