Chapter 554: Otaru Denuki Koji (小樽出抜小路)

Now this is the place you want to go for good food!

If you’re in Hokkaido, Otaru is definitely one of the great places to visit! After leaving my luggage in a coin locker at Sapporo Station, I headed off to Otaru! It’s very close, on the train took about 40-50 mins via the JR Hakodate Line. Because the rail is literally by the Ishikari Bay, the view is very beautiful on a sunny day where you can see the glistening waters.

By this point it was already passed noon, and my stomach was telling me to go and hunt down some mouth-watering food. Otaru Denuki-koji is located by the canal and Sushi Street, the place where they have so many temping sushi restaurants to go to.


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