Chapter 558: Japan Travel Health & Vaccinations

Generally speaking, Japan is one of the most cleanest and safest countries in the world. But sometimes, somethings can’t be easily avoided i.e. Sneaky Nasty Bug Bites. Especially if you’re travelling during the humid seasons. During 2016, before my first ever trip to Japan I made a visit to a pharmacy after calling up my local surgery to provide me with my vaccination history.

At the pharmacy, the doctor confirmed I was up to date. They assessed where I was going, the activities I was partaking in (high-risk activities will include camping or cycling in rural areas during the rainy season) and the duration length of my stay. They spoke about a virus called the Japanese Encephalitis (JEV, a type of viral brain infection) which is spread by infected mosquitoes.

Despite the name, Japanese Encephalitis Virus, it’s actually rare now in Japan, however more common in rural parts of Asia such as China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. There is also a risk with countries that have tropical climate. It however, is very rare for travellers from outside the region to be affected, thus a booster shot which lasts up to 10 years was recommended to me as it would be more relevant than a JEV vaccination for my holiday, the doctor was very helpful and informative.

It’s always a great idea to check with your GP for advise / research on your online government site before your travels to give yourself peace of mind.


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