Chapter 575: Mt. Moiwa Bell of Happiness (藻岩山 幸せの鐘)

Mt. Moiwa Bell of Happiness (藻岩山 幸せの鐘)

This was one of the places I simply had to visit whilst I was in Sapporo. It is a very popular spot to view the city from above. Mt. Moiwa is one of the top 3 best views in Hokkaido and I knew exactly why, it was such a breathe of fresh air. It does get more windy after sunset and it’s always a good idea to bring along a coat even on a spring day. Once you enter the observation deck, you will firstly notice the bell of happiness! Many couples come here to ring the bell to be blessed with happiness. And you can also see many love locks hanging on the rail. It’s such a romantic thing to do whilst being blessed with a spectacular view, just before the sunset it looked so beautiful and I was so happy.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 575: Mt. Moiwa Bell of Happiness (藻岩山 幸せの鐘)

  1. You’re so fortunate to make it to the top. I was there in winter and it was too foggy up at the observation deck. The staff at the base station advised us not to go up so I left 😦

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