Chapter 587: Fairy Tale Village Takinoue Moss Pink Festival (童話村たきのうえ芝ざくらまつり)

Fairy Tale Village Takinoue Moss Pink Festival


This was the one of the biggest highlights of my life. I’ve never seen such a thing where the grass is covered in pink flowers, more correctly it’s a type of flower called phlox! Shibazakura Takinoue Park (芝ざくら滝上公園) is a little town located in the far north east of Hokkaido. Every year around May to June you can enjoy the beautiful pink hues on the hilly tops, it’s opened from 7:00am to 6:00pm with free parking and public facilities such as restaurants, cafes and also public toilets. Admission fee for adult is 500 yen and it’s 250 yen for children.

The flowers can bloom in different colours from dark pink, light pink, mauve, white and sometimes blue. On the highest part of the hills you can over-look the town and it’s just so beautiful! Spring is one of my favourite seasons and it makes me so happy just to be in the presence of a breath-taking view! If you’re in Hokkaido during spring this is something you just can not miss. As a city girl, this kind of view is extremely rare for me and I just can’t appreciate it enough! I wish I could stay in the fields of the pink fairies forever!


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