Chapter 597: To Japan For The 5th Time

Going to Japan for the 5th time was extremely exciting. After a good year of hard-work, blood, sweat and tears, it was time to finally go on a journey! It was my first time using Lufthansa Airlines and to be honest the leg space in economy was a lot more narrow than other airlines so that wasn’t great. My bag which would usually slide perfectly underneath the seat in front wouldn’t do the same as there were a block of in-built metal in the way.

But after the long endurance, it was time to get off at Haneda Tokyo International Airport. Although I landed in Tokyo, I wasn’t going to be starting my journey there just yet, but it would be in Kobe. I activated my JR Pass and sluggishly fought off the jet-lag curse and lived!! Haneda Airport was extremely crowded at the time and probably it was the first time feeling as if I was the only one walking in slow-motion whilst the people around me were in rush. Now that I think about it, it just felt like a big fat blur of colours.


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