Chapter 598: The First Night And Day in Kobe

It’s been literally such a LONG TIME since I last visited Kobe. My first night and day started here. I was staying at a budget hotel called R&B Hotel in Motomachi, very cosy little place with friendly staff and neighbours and it’s just across the road from China Town and Daimaru! After checking in that evening, I went out shortly to grab some bento food and dessert from 7 Eleven. One of the things I find that kills jet-lag quicker is to eat accordingly, if it’s dinner time then eat dinner! My bento had a mixture of meats, pork, shrimp, chicken, beef…for dessert I picked out some waffles, and I was extremely addicted to Japanese green tea!

The next morning at 11am I had an appointment at Raffine to get my hair done, it took about 4-5 hours as I was getting a straight perm, cut, and dye. I visited Raffine 2 years ago and found they did such a good job with my hair that I had to go again! Good thing, I woke up early to go grab some breakfast at Yoshinoya which is a popular 24/7 chain restaurant that offer very affordable set meals, best known for their beef dishes. I paid 550 Yen for good beef, salmon, rice and a bowl of miso soup!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 598: The First Night And Day in Kobe

  1. Thanks for visiting Kongo. I think our paths may have crossed once or twice in Japan the past few weeks. We seem to have been to a lot of the same places. Hope you’re having fun travels in the land of the Rising Sun!

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