Chapter 599: Steakland Kobe Branch (ステーキランド神戸館)

Steakland Kobe Branch (ステーキランド神戸館)

Straight after my hair treatment at the salon, I went to eat at Steakland. My friend kept mentioning it to me saying I should try it! It’s one of the most popular restaurants around in Kobe for Kobe Beef! I heard the dinner menu was much more expensive but they do good lunch sets. When I arrived, there was a long row of people sat by the counter and a few seats free at the back. The waitress put me in between a Chinese family and European family.

I ordered quite quickly since I knew what I wanted already. The special Kobe Beef Steak Set which came with an option for either rice or bread, I decided to go for bread (a Buttery Croissant) since I already had a bowl of rice in the morning. Plus, the set came with a drink, I decided to go for an iced coffee (which came after I finished the meal). Also, you get a bowl of veggie soup, a side salad, sauces and iced-water.

You get to watch the chef in action as he prepares and cooks the meat and veggies, it’s always an entertaining moment and never gets old. The meat was absolutely scrumptious, soft, tender, juicy, and full of flavour. I’m a big lover of meat and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The total came to 6115 Yen which for me wasn’t bad as I had already anticipated that it will come to more than 5000 Yen. After the meal I had to go back to R & B Hotel to collect my luggage and head out to Hiroshima!!


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