Chapter 600: Shinkansen Platform at Himeji Station (姫路駅 新幹線ホーム)

I had a very full stomach at this point. The Kobe Beef sat in my belly with no sign of budging. I had my luggage and went from Sannomiya (JR) by the Special Rapid Train, then transferred at Himeji to catch the next Shinkansen to Hiroshima. The entire journey took about 2 hours. During my transfer at Himeji I saw that it was a beautiful sunset, and what’s more surprising…Only a few people were on the platform! I love it when there’s less people, especially on platforms, it just makes travelling feel easier and less hectic compared to busy / rush hour. I was in a very good mood, especially when my hair was no longer frizzy and ugly!!

It was about a 15 min wait during the transfer, I sat down after taking a picture with my new camera, I was surprised at myself that I managed to get a good one with a Shinkansen flying by on the other track. The man next to me, dressed in a suit accidentally dropped his packet of pink sweets, they rolled out of the plastic packet and a hand full landed onto the ground, he quickly proceeded to pick them back up one by one whilst mumbling angrily to himself. I completely understood, I would also be annoyed if my sweets rolled away.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 600: Shinkansen Platform at Himeji Station (姫路駅 新幹線ホーム)

  1. The Himeji train station is a great place for photos late in the day when the sun is getting low and for shots of the Shinkansen trains zipping by. I got some similar photos to yours when I was there in 2017.

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