Chapter 601: Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel (ひろしま国際ホテル)

Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel (ひろしま国際ホテル)

Located in the heart of Hiroshima city! I stay here for 5 nights and it’s a very convenient area to stay in, being close to the castle and atomic bomb museum, it is surrounded with restaurants and shops. The only downside is that it does get quite noisy during the evening as I had a room facing directly to the main street. But, at the later hours of the night it was very quiet and I slept like a baby. The closest streetcar stations are only a minute or two away, Tatemachi and Kamiyacho-Higashi. It’s just a basic room with all the amenities you need, female visitors are given a bag of freebies on the first night that contains lotions, bath salts and a shower puff.

Although, the hotel is modern enough, you have to leave your key at the front desk before stepping outside and collect it back upon return. When I book hotels I’m not extremely fussy, of course I look at location and price, but one of the main things I find myself looking at is the pictures of their bathroom. I’ll always opt for modern showers and baths! Because Something like: CHAPTER 127: KYOTO TRAVELLER’S INN (SMALL JAPANESE STYLED ROOM) Which had the old taps…it’s just…difficult sometimes.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay.


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