Chapter 603: Tadanoumi Station (忠海駅)

The first highlight of the day was to enter the realm of Okunoshima (aka Bunny Island) I was staying in Hiroshima, so I took the early Shinkansen to Mihara then transferred to the JR Kure Line. The journey took about just over an hour including transfer time to reach Tadanoumi Station. I really enjoyed admiring the waters along the coastline when I was in the JR Kure Line, it’s just so beautiful. There wasn’t any people around, so I felt so relaxed as it was so peaceful and the air was fresh! Plus, the weather was looking amazing! The bright sunshine and blue skies were here to stay!! I couldn’t wait to get out and head up to the port!!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 603: Tadanoumi Station (忠海駅)

  1. I’m glad the rail connection is fixed; when I went last year there was no train to Tadanoumi due to the damage from the storms. The replacement bus was far less fun and the schedule not posted well…

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