Chapter 604: Tadanoumi Port (忠海港)

From Tadanoumi Station to the port it took approx. 5 mins by foot. When you reach the port you’ll find a cafe / shop, just head inside to purchase your tickets from the machines. one way is 310 yen and a return journey is 620 Yen for adults. I came early so I had about half an hour to spare. The shop serves drinks and desserts, it sells plenty of bunny merchandise from T-shirts to keychains, postcards and bunny food for the bunnies.

Depending on the time you wish to depart it will either be a ferry or a small speed boat, I got the earlier service so I went on a smaller boat that took me to Okunoshima Port 1 (There’s 2 ports on the island) Regardless, it will be a 15 min journey getting to the island. Just be sure to check the timetable for your departures. I was so excited!! I brought myself a packed lunch too, just incase.


One thought on “Chapter 604: Tadanoumi Port (忠海港)

  1. People always forget to buy pellets there, as there’s no pellets on sale on the island! I had people try to buy pellets and other bunny treats from me while I was on the island!

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