Chapter 607: My Favourite Bunny Moments on Okunoshima

So cute and up-close!!
This little bunny came running down the stairs to greet me. I shall never forget!
So elegant!
1 cherry-blossom petal landed on her back…
Just look at that fluffy tail!!
There are many water bowls around the island for the the bunnies to have easy access to drinking water.
This little guy was doing some stretching.
I found a sleeping bunny! I love how care-free they are!
More flexible than me.
Now, this was TOO ADORABLE!!
They were snuggling each others faces!!
This grey bunny was so beautiful…
…almost like a cartoon character!
A yawning bunny always looks hilarious. I captured this by chance on my phone. It sort of looks like the bunny was in the middle of singing opera?
Probably my favourite moment, seeing the yawning bunny lay down relaxing whilst his friend remains looking grumpy.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 607: My Favourite Bunny Moments on Okunoshima

  1. AWWWW!!! So cute! Half my IG feed are bunnies, I absolutely adore them. Some other people post stuff from Okunoshima and I can see some of the babies I saw (and photographed) growing up! :)))

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