Chapter 610: JR Miyajima Ferry (宮島フェリー)

From Okunoshima I took the ferry back to Tadanoumi. Then, I headed to Tadanoumi Station and boarded the train on the JR Kure Line to Mihara Station, from there I transferred to the Kodama Shinkansen to get to Hiroshima. From Hiroshima I hopped on the train on the JR Sanyo Line going towards Iwakuni that stopped at Miyajimaguchi. Then finally from Miyajimaguchi I boarded the JR Miyajima Ferry to Miyajima Island!! At the time Hyperdia was showing me this route as the fastest, you can alternatively cut the transfer by taking the JR Kure Line from Mihara to Miyajimaguchi, which would take longer.

It was a bit of a journey and it took all together approx. 2 hours. The JR Pass covers for the 10 min ferry ride so that was very convenient, the ferry departures are quite regular and it was SO BUSY. As I arrived it was the early afternoon, and it was packed with tourists from around the world, I could hear people speaking French, English, Spanish, Chinese, and all sorts…It almost didn’t feel like Japan anymore. I was very excited, because a couple of years ago I visited Hiroshima and wanted to visit Miyajima but it never happened until now. Also, I love ferry rides!!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 610: JR Miyajima Ferry (宮島フェリー)

  1. Enjoy Miyajima. I had a memorable day there, especially playing with all the deer. There’s a really good eel restaurant a bit further into the island. I hiked all the way to the top and when I was ready to come down, I went to the ropeway and it was CLOSED. So with the weather getting bad and getting dark, I ran (well, basically PARKOURED) all the way down. Surprised I only fell once jumping over a stream. I barely made my ferry — because I had a restaurant reservation in Hiroshima that I couldn’t miss! 😀

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  2. Yes, Miyajima is packed by the tourists from all over the world.. even during “Golden week”, 220,000 tourists (!!) visited there ..!
    The best time to visit there will be BEFORE 9:00am ..
    I like Miyajima but too noisy .. even though it’s a very spiritual place…

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