Chapter 611: Deers in Miyajima (宮島の鹿)

A curious cute deer was checking out the man from behind…Probably thought he had food.
A beautiful deer near the beech.
This big one looked very laid back with sleepy eyes…
On the streets the deers are free to roam around…
…Along side the humans.
They’re so chill!!
I found Bambi shuffling the bush and munching on some leaves.
Beautiful little thing…Its fur looks as if it’s glowing.
I found a deer with its butt sticking out between the wooden bins.

There are many beautiful sika deers roaming around on the island of Miyajima. There was a tourist couple having ice cream, one big deer kept trying to get a bite by closely following them, the couple turned their backs towards the deer and tried to finish their ice cream quickly but it kept coming after them as it also wanted a lick. That was a funny sight to watch but also sad at the same time, the deers must be hungry.

Unlike Nara where they have a few stands that sell deer crackers to encourage tourists to feed them, in Miyajima you’re not supposed do so. This is understandable as they’re herbivores, wild-animals, although semi-tamed and accustomed to being around humans, they should be eating what’s natural to them, i.e. grass, leaves, shoots, fruits etc. As if they were to live in the wild. The holy creatures of the Shinto religion are nevertheless, very charming and beautiful.


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