Chapter 616: I’m Flying To Taiwan in April 2020

I made a spontaneous decision to revisit Okinawa this coming December. (CHAPTER 545) Which I’m extremely looking forward to!! But recently I also made another spontaneous decision…To go to Taiwan for the first time in my life. It will be a separate trip during next spring, the start of April 2020. So I will have some Special Taiwan Edition Posts to share. HURRAY!

So, I was online one day and found out that KLM was doing a good deal for flights from Heathrow London to Taipei Taiwan (with a short layover in France). I only paid £411.94. I’ll have about 9.5 days in Taiwan, which I think its a good time to break free from my office chair! I haven’t done much research yet as this wasn’t planned at all. As far as I know I will be visiting Taipei and…other pretty places that I have yet to look up!

Feel free to leave me some suggestions or tips!


33 thoughts on “Chapter 616: I’m Flying To Taiwan in April 2020

  1. I was eating in taipai 101 last month… be sure to go down there, the little steamed bums are EXCELLENT there. Oh and bring your umbrella buddy! 🙂

    Gl & Hf

    (Taiwan was WONDERFUL, i love the state!)

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      1. Yeps this is the place: Din Tai Fung Chinese Taipei 101 Restaurant link:

        Now it doesnt look that nice on the photos.. but thrust me.. eating down there at evening time with rain and the city lights outside. And all the super nice Taiwanese people. My god i LOVE this culture… wait.. i have another tip for you in Tai Chung… this place will BLOW YOUR FOOD MIND.

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      2. This place:
        The photos on the left i made there last December. This food shop is in TaiChung (go with japanese high speed train from Tai Pei)…. in the middle of this night market street is the ABSOLUTE BEST food shop. It just been opened by two young guys. One did his major in business and economics and the other i think something with hotel chains. Not sure but they open a wonderful WOW amazing (see photos) shop. All the locals pushing themselfs inside also… see the dishes… it is affordable and TOP OF THE LINE. Ok me stfu now.. i talk to much. You go there and i be here watching your blog about it 🙂


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      3. one of the two owners, tell me… you see a nice smart cool clean working friendly young man RIGHT? Well same for his shop… this food here is maybe the best serve you can find in the whole town. Now any night market any street corner has a nice family…. but this one is special. I drove two hours with the train to get there… got lost in town 3 times (who cares, its safe and fun). But when i sat down there to eat i knew i was in heaven. =(^.^)=

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      4. Oh girl! I almost forget.. check out the deals from EURO WINGS… maybe not fly Taiwan, just take a local liner to get to Taiwan. KLM is excellent choice but it sure ain’t always the cheapest!

        Now i had several EURO WINGS flight canceled but they always give hotel or food whatever needed. They sometimes have low lives (drunk tweakers) but the flights are nice cheap and to the point. KLM i love them *(my home country airliner).

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      1. If u get there send him my greetings.. and tell him… do not give away all the nice food to the tourists! 🙂 hahaha he know its me and will point you out to the free soup in the backside. I be back there next year… just for my belly and my lovely girlfriend. (This is her find actually, its her heritage, Asian).

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  2. This is exciting! I come from Taiwan, and was there just weeks ago! It’s a pretty cheap place as far as vacations go, and street food tends to be well worth the value.

    Are there any locations you’re thinking of visiting?

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      1. Ooh~ I’m mostly familiar with northern Taiwan, though the Taroko Gorge and Tainan’s Anping are definitely great places to visit.

        Around Taipei, I’d recommend Jiufen (rumours associate the place with Spirited Away), the Gugong Museum (where many artifacts from imperial China are preserved), and Raohe Night Market (my favourite night market). Probably many more places, but these are what came to me first.

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      1. Hualien City is on the east coast of Taiwan. The central Pine Garden is a cultural center set inside a former Japanese military office. The Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum showcases contemporary and traditional stone carvings. Tzu Chi Cultural Park is a tranquil green space, with statues and a meditation hall. On the Pacific Ocean coast, sprawling Nanbin Park features a popular night market.

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  3. I was there last year for my first time. One of my favorite things to do was look for the night markets in each city and try all the different foods. The one in Keelung seems to stand out in my memory. Great fun and great food!

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  4. Super! Taiwan is a favorite destination… lots to see, cool night markets, great street food, friendly people. I highly recommend picking up an “Easy Card” in Taipei… it’s a pre-loadable transportation card like a Japanese “Pasmo”. A lot of chain convenience stores will even accept them. iPass (一卡通) is the local card for Kaohsiung, but an Easy Card worked everywhere in Kaohsiung last time I was there (2-years back). I even emptied one at a convenience store before flying out for Hong Kong the next day.

    You could spend your entire time in Taipei, but there’s no reason to. But the Taipei rail system is excellent and easy to use, the city is walkable, and it’s pretty safe. On the way to the inevitable Taipei-101, be sure to check out Daan Park.

    I don’t know how “out there” you want to get. You can do a day-trip all the way to Kaohsiung and back via the High Speed Rail system — really nice, but you’ll need to reserve a ticket at the Taipei Main Station. Check out the Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung, which is also close to the Lihue Night Market (should you spend a night there). Tainan and some areas around Taichung are also interesting (both require local-rail side-trips from the HSR station).

    Closer to Taipei but out of the city to the northeast, Jiufen Old Street is a little touristy but fun (especially at night), and the rail line along the Keelung River makes for an interesting day. To the south, Wulai’s old street, the falls, and the tram up to the Yun Hsien Resort stand out.

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    1. Omg thanks so much for your amazing advice!

      And I totally agree, no reason to spend it all in Taipei when I can jump around to different places!

      I’ll keep in. Kind to grab myself an easy card!! Sounds easy!

      Thanks again!!!!!!!! 😊

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