Chapter 619: From Hiroshima To Tottori (広島から鳥取まで)

Travelling to Tottori from Hiroshima wasn’t too bad. I took the first Hikari Shinkansen (6:13am) towards Himeji, where I transferred to the Super Hokuto train (8:36am) which took me all the way to Tottori Station and I arrived at 10:12am. The duration including transfer time took approx, 4 hours. Because I started out early, the journey was very pleasant with less people around making it quite relaxing. I had an Onigiri and black coffee for breakfast, I had a few more snacks in my bag just in case I felt hungry later.

Tottori is located in western Japan, along the coast of the Japan sea. It was a place where I wanted to visit for the past year now. A city well-known mainly for its sand dunes that is the largest in Japan which I’ll cover in the next few posts. During my journey to Tottori, the weather wasn’t great, it was about 10 degrees, windy and the skies were gloomy with thick dark clouds. The forecast said it was going to rain pretty much for the whole day, but for the rest of the week it was looking bright and sunny.


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