Chapter 620: Hakuto Shrine aka. White Rabbit Shrine (白兎神社)

Hakuto Shrine (白兎神社)

Aka. White Rabbit Shrine. This was the cutest shrine I’ve ever visited!! Opened from 9 -4pm. Located on the seashore of Tottori, near Hakuto Beach, it is famous for couples or those who seek love, romance and marriage. It’s reachable within 20 mins by car or 40 mins by bus from Tottori Station.

Enshrined here is the White Rabbit of Inaba, thus the many statues of little stone rabbits located on the shrine grounds. Even the Temizuya has a cute round looking bunny statue! Towards the entrance you will see some sand art, as Tottori is well-known for its sand dunes.

It was slightly raining. Cold. And I don’t know why I thought it was good idea to wear a dress. The area was very quiet with almost nobody in sight, a couple were making their way out when I arrived. It was very peaceful, a little gloomy due to the weather but enjoyable to have that special exclusiveness as I admired all around. I even bought myself a cute bunny pink charm!! I can’t recall how much I paid but it was something like 800Yen-1000Yen.

Overall, I enjoyed visiting this shrine, although not as grand and big as others…It has its unique charms. Probably my favourite shrine so far!!


One thought on “Chapter 620: Hakuto Shrine aka. White Rabbit Shrine (白兎神社)

  1. Tottori has been on my go to list since I first came to Japan! Seeing this adorable shrine makes me want to go there even more haha

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