Chapter 622: Uradome Kaigan Coast (浦富海岸)

Uradome Kaigan Coast (浦富海岸)

A beautiful coastline offering a view of beautiful granite rocks. The shapes look very unique and pretty, all naturally formed by the raging waves of the Sea of Japan. The Uradome Kaigan Coast features caves and tunnels, it’s truly a scenic spot, which also reminded me of Hokkaido’s Shakotan (Chapter: 474) and Cape Kamui (Chapter: 479). I love being near water, despite not being able to swim (yet) I feel most at ease when I see the never-ending blue.

When the weather is nice, people come near to the beach area to go kayaking on a see-through boat. There is also a boat cruise that operates nearby here to see everything up close. Even on a windy cold day, I could still see how clear the waters are. It was very quiet when I arrived, with no people around I was enjoying the exclusiveness! I could only imagine what it would look like in summer, I’d love to visit during then.


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