Chapter 623: Arasuna Shrine & Uradome Coast Oguri Beach (荒砂神社・浦富海岸小栗浜)

Arasuna Shrine & Uradome Coast Oguri Beach (荒砂神社・浦富海岸小栗浜)

In the eastern part of Tottori, lays Iwami. From Iwami Station it’s a good 30-40 min walk. But, you can take the bus from the station which will take you about half way, but it’s a short drive from the station.

Across the distance I found the beach, part of the Uradome Beach, clean with shallow waters, plentiful white sand spreading along the seashore, literally the perfect place to go swimming in the summer months.

Towards the left side before stepping onto the sand, is a public toilet, and next to the public toilet are the stairways to the Arasuna Shrine, it overlooks the Sea of Japan, and this Shinto Shrine has a name that literally means: ‘Rough Sand’ .

The day was windy and very cold, the waves were raging against the rocks, without a single soul in sight. I took extra care ensuring I didn’t fall over as I climbed down some slippery steps, only to get a better glimpse of the enchanting small red Torii that stands alone on a rocky island placed the middle of the marble waters.


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