Chapter 629: Tottori Castle Ruins (鳥取城)

Jinpukaku (仁風閣)
Nakasakainari Shrine (中坂稲荷神社)
Little birds gathering on top of the stone wall
The Statue of Tsuneie Kikkawa (吉川経家公像)

Tottori Castle Ruins(鳥取城)

Originally I wanted to call it a day because I was extremely exhausted from visiting the the Sand Dunes. But I saw on google maps that the bus would stop nearby the Tottori Castle Ruins. So I thought what the heck? Might as well!

From the Sand Dunes, I took the bus bound for Tottori Station at Bus Stop no. 0. The bus journey was only about 10-15 mins, the bus stop I got off at was called Nishimachi (西町) and then I walked a few mins to the site. The location is next door and across the road from a school, so when I arrived there were many school kids around.

The castle was originally built in 1532 but, it was destroyed during the Meiji period. What we have now are the remains of the stonewalls and the wooden gate. It however offers a splendid view of Tottori City. There are also many cherry blossom trees planted along the stone walls which makes it a good spot to visit during spring!

There is a very pretty European style building on the castle grounds constructed during 1907. It was the first building in the Tottori prefecture to have electric lights. There’s also the Nakasakainari Shrine (中坂稲荷神社), small and lovely, placed in a very quiet area towards the north side of the grounds. Although close to a school, it is very quiet, the further you walk the more quiet. There was only one other human around which was an elderly man jogging by.

Just 2 minutes away is The Statue of Tsuneie Kikkawa (吉川経家公像). I’m not too familiar about the statue and history, but it’s very impressive and epic!! I enjoyed my short visit, I would love to see the view of the city during spring when the flowers bloom!


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