Chapter 630: Tottori Oenokian Pink Curry (鳥取 大榎庵 ピンクカレー)

Tottori Oenokian Pink Curry (鳥取 大榎庵 ピンクカレー)

From the Castle Ruins I walked to Oenokian resturant (20 Mins) hoping to try out their PINK CURRY! At this point I wasn’t extremely hungry but I knew I should have something to eat before my long train journey back to Hiroshima.

The restaurant is a little bit hidden away in a quiet residential / local part of town. It’s 5 mins from the Red Cross Hospital and the City Hall. But once you see the pink banners you’ll know you’ve arrived. I actually had no idea that it was going to be a Japanese styled restaurant (Where I had to take off my shoes and enter my own private room) but it was a very interesting experience.

The lady who served me was extremely lovely and kind. They had many options but I was keen to try the curry, only because I like the colour and I was curious as I’ve never had curry that wasn’t brown. The set came with miso soup, and a side dish of salad. I also went for a hot coffee which came after the meal.

The secret to its colour is…

Beetroot from the Tottori Prefecture.

It was a little spicy and tasted like curry, but leans more towards a creamy stew. It was however lacking, I think it would be better if it had some sort of meat served with it, it only had 2 asparagus’s and a cherry tomato so it was definitely missing something extra. The salad and miso soup was good, and the coffee, delicious! I think I paid under 2000 Yen, I don’t quite remember the exact amount. In the end, it was a good experience to take away with me.


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