Chapter 635: Akiyoshidai Kokutei Koen (秋吉台国定公園)

Akiyoshidai Kokutei Koen (秋吉台国定公園)

The first destination of the day was…Akiyoshidai in Mine City which is located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture! I’ve always wanted to visit Yamaguchi, and so I did.

The plateau consists of the highest concentration of karst landforms in Japan! It’s made up of countless limestone pinnacles which has created this very interesting landscape. I love things like this! The beautiful and mysterious view is somewhat unsettling, yet fascinating… I felt as if I had set foot onto an alien planet.

The plateau was said to be once underwater 300 million years ago and the rocky view we have now were formed by the gradual dissolution of limestone. Mother Nature sure has her ways to make something really cool!! Below south is the Akiyoshido Limestone Cave, which I’ll post about very soon!!


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