Chapter 636: Akiyoshido Cave (秋芳洞)

Akiyoshido Cave (秋芳洞)

I’ve never been to a cave before but now I have!

Underneath south of Akiyoshidai (Chapter 635) is Akiyoshido, Japan’s biggest cave! There is an entrance fee of 1200 yen. But it’s well worth it in my opinion!! I was extremely excited!

Just before entering the cave you will be greeted by a lovely view of cerulean blue waters. It does get a bit chilly once you’re inside so it’s best to have an extra layer with you ie. a jacket, in my case I had a hoodie.

The paved path is very straight-forward, there are lights around the cave, however it’s dim and tends to be very dark in certain areas…Which made taking photos difficult for me. I saw a couple in full gear as they wore matching helmets that had a torch on the front. It’s also damp inside and some areas are slippery so it’s always best to wear suitable shoes. Sometimes a drip of cold water would land on you.

The cave is however very spacious and is home to many beautiful natural limestone formations, some even appear to resemble humans, dragons and…eerie monsters. The most beautiful of them all had to be the limestone pool! It looks artificial but, it’s indeed 100% natural. Towards one of the exits, there were a lot of colourful displays of animals, anime and a timeline of life, starting from space…I’d love to visit more caves in the future and have many more adventures like this!!


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