Chapter 643: Tsunoshima Bridge (角島大橋)

Tsunoshima Bridge (角島大橋)

From the distance it appears that there is a long white dragon-like bridge floating across the cerulean blue Sea of Japan. The Tsunoshima Bridge is located west of the Motonosumi Shrine (元乃隅神社), North-west of the Yamaguchi Prefecture. From the shrine it takes about a good 30-40 min taxi ride. I thought it was still part of Nagato but in actual fact it is part of Shimonoseki City. A city where I’d love visit in the near future.

The bridge is the 2nd longest in Japan that connects an isolated island with the mainland. Measuring 1780 metres in length, white in colour, making it stand out on the beautiful blue waters. It reminded me a bit of Okinawa, slightly tropical and different. Away from the buzzing cities and towns, with almost no one around. The bridge is blessed with stunning views. It’s lovely on a sunny day, but it is said to also have an amazing sunset, making it a popular bridge to drive across.


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