Chapter 644: Uni-Don, Shiokaze-no-Sato (うに丼・しおかぜの里)

Uni-Don, Shiokaze-no-Sato (うに丼・しおかぜの里)

Close to the Tsunoshima Bridge is a small resturant called Shiokaze-no-Sato (しおかぜの里) otherwise known as Fresh Shiokaze-no-Sato (フレッシュしおかぜの里) Village of the Fresh Sea Breeze. It serves many local dishes from fish, meats, and vegetables at very affordable prices. I opted for the uni-don set which came with Miso Soup and a side dish of pickles (うに丼・みそ汁・漬物). It was cheaper than the average resturant and only 1800 Yen. I’ve tried uni before and absolutely loved it, I couldn’t get enough of it’s sweet and creamy fresh taste. The uni here appeared less moist compared to the one I had in Hakodate in Chapter 457. But, nevertheless it remains creamy, a little sweet and tastes GREAT!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 644: Uni-Don, Shiokaze-no-Sato (うに丼・しおかぜの里)

  1. In Shimonoseki , there is a small restaurant ( not proper “restaurant” though…) which is by a local fisherman. They serve very fresh うに丼 , it’s more うに than there but much cheaper (¥1500). 😉
    If you visit Shimonoseki, you must try !

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