Chapter 645: Tsunoshima Lighthouse (角島灯台)

Tsunoshima Lighthouse (角島灯台)

After some Uni for lunch it was time to head straight to the Tsunoshima Lighthouse (角島灯台). I’ve seen lighthouses in real-life, but never had I ever entered one until now. I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait! The area was very peaceful with almost no human in sight.

I forgot to mention in my previous post: CHAPTER 643: TSUNOSHIMA BRIDGE (角島大橋)

Tsunoshima (角島), the name literally means ‘Horn Island’ simply because when you check out the island on a map the shape somewhat resembles the horns of cattle.

The lighthouse appears to look-like a large cigarette. The design of the building is of British architecture, made up of grey bricks, and has been around since the Meiji period. It is approx. 30 metres in height… I’m not exactly the fittest person on earth and walking up over 100 steps of spiral staircases was a bit of a challenge, 1. I got a bit dizzy, and 2. My thighs were burning. But, I thank the glorious Uni that gave me leg muscles to keep going!!

You can enjoy the brisk ocean breeze when you reach the balcony at the very top! It opens up a wonderful 360 view of the interesting park below and the Sea of Japan. Now, let me suggest you to wear trousers if you are planning to go!! The force was VERY STRONG and keeping my dress under control was a nightmare!! Thankfully, because the place was practically empty, I wasn’t too concerned about my dress flying. But, the experience would have been better if I wasn’t constantly attacked.

Also, located next door is a small museum that carries some deep history of lighthouses. Admissions are 200 Yen per person. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and wished I could have stay a bit longer but my Taxi was waiting…Very soon, I’ll post about my short visit to Iwakuni which I’ll definitely want to re-visit in the future as I regret not spending that much time there.


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