Chapter 650: The Manga Exhibition at the British Museum

Over the weekend I went with a friend to check out the Manga Exhibition held at the British Museum. I’ve seen countless of posters plastered around zone 1, especially on the underground. As a manga fan, I desperately wanted to go! As far as I remember I don’t recall any manga exhibitions in London, and this was the first one I’ve ever been to! I booked us in for the 3:20pm entry and it was quite busy but became quieter later on.

The exhibition featured many interesting works, some mainstream titles, such as Naruto, One Punch Man, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball etc. And some I’ve never heard off, especially the very old ones from the 40’s, 50′ and 60’s. We got a chance to see how manga has developed over the years and transformed to what it is today. A small section showcased a video of the typical office life of a manga company and how employees work around the clock.

They also featured one of my favourite anime series: Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura, I have yet to read the manga…. They of course featured Golden Kamui which was on the main posters! Attack on Titans, Pokemon, and Saint Oniisan.

I thought it was pretty cool to have small sections of bits and bobs, with the centre of the room filled shelves of manga to replicate how it feels to walk into a manga store in Japan. I really wished they brought in more titles like, Hunter x Hunter, and Cardcaptor Sakura…As I felt it was somewhat lacking…But, overall, it was good fun!

At the gift-shop I bought 3 postcards: Princess Jellyfish, Golden Kamui and What did you eat yesterday (Which I need to read soon! I heard there was a live-action series) and of course I bought a tote bag!! I absolutely LOVE IT and will be using it soon!!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 650: The Manga Exhibition at the British Museum

      1. It is! They love all things Far Eastern, particularly Japanese. Mind you, the love is reciprocated. Look at all those French patisseries in Japan.

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