Chapter 652: One Hour Walk In Iwakuni, Nishiki River

One Hour Walk in Iwakuni, Nishiki River.

I decided to work some leg muscles and walk my way to Shin-Iwakuni Station from the Kintaikyo Bridge. Google was showing me that it would take about 1hr and 10 mins, which wasn’t bad and I wanted to take a nice long walk alongside the Nishiki River during the sunset before heading back to Hiroshima. Passing the Iwakuni Castle (岩国城 天守台) sitting peacefully on the mountain tops, it was from there onwards that I saw only 4 humans during the entire hour.

I passed by a long path of bamboo trees, bushes and hedges…a lot of greens. It felt very peaceful, I was surrounded by silence with the occasional shuffling sounds of small birds in the trees. I saw an elderly man jogging the opposite way, later on I saw a mother and small child strolling by, and then a young man jogged passed me. I guess it’s a good jogging route! By the time I reached the station I was absolutely tired, I felt my feet cry. But overall, it was a lovely long walk especially when I got to see a very beautiful view of the river and hills.


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