Chapter 653: Japanese Convinient Store Snacks & Drinks

Here’s a bunch of Japanese food and drinks I bought from 7-Eleven. I always never fail to stock up snacks and drinks in the hotel fridge. It’s like the thing to do when I’m returning back from a long day packed with adventures. Plus, convenient store stuff is very accessible and cheap! I bought onion tuna maki rolls, which I have had before and it’s very filling.

I can’t do a day without potato chips, I saw a beef flavoured on from Calbee and had to grab it. I also bought, an egg onigiri, bamboo shoot onigiri, sakura mochi pudding, jelly pudding, a delicious chocolate mint drink that tasted like ice cream, and finally a bottle of Bikkle Soda! Which is a yummy yogurt soda that is very addictive.


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