Chapter 654: Street Cats in Hiroshima

In the early morning of Hiroshima I went for a morning walk to the Port, as I was minding my own business I came across 2 street cats. 1 with a golden orange coat with faint stripes that made it look almost like a mini tiger, and the other black, with the most beautiful deep sea green eyes I’ve ever seen. Both were absolutely adorable!! One day I’ll have a cat in my life!! They’re just so beautiful!!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 654: Street Cats in Hiroshima

    1. I think so too, people seem to really like cats. There are actually a lot of street cats in Japan. I came across a man in Tokyo, every morning he will have food for the cats that were living in an alley way area. ^^

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  1. 😻😻😻 I love the cats!!! I remember a morning I was wandering through Kishiwada, and I suddenly heard this quiet mewing. I turned, and there was a long line of street cats following me! One of the best moments ever.

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  2. I wasn’t allowed to have pets as a kid so I adopted my first cat a few years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Life is so much better with my little Buddy around.

    Cats are endlessly entertaining and contrary to the common perception they’re very social animals.

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