Chapter 656: Hiroshima to Matsuyama via the SuperJet

Hiroshima Port Ujina Passenger Terminal (広島港宇品港旅客ターミナル) is located south from the city. I went to the main reception at the port and bought my one-way ticket to Matsuyama via the SuperJet. For visitors who hold a foreign passport you can receive a discount on the day. I paid 4970 Yen for my ticket (Usual one way price is 7100 Yen). I caught the 7:30 am ride. The clouds in the sky were slowly clearing up and you could see the lovely blue waking up.

The day was very quiet with only a hand full of people on board. There was a short stop at Kure Central Pier (呉中央桟橋ターミナル) 7:53 am, then straight to Matsuyama Kanko Port (松山観光港) arrived around 8:47am. So in total the journey took about 1 hour and 17 mins. There is also a cheaper option if you are in no rush, the car ferry which will take you to Matsuyama (Fastest time is 2 hours and 25 mins) which is the first ferry out at 5:45 am with no extra stops, and it’s 2 hours and 40 mins with the stop at Kure.

It was a very pleasant ride and I was quite fascinated by the view, I saw many ships! There are food and drinks made available on board! I remember seeing hot steam buns and tea on the menu. I had my own packed luck of Onigiri, cookies, and green tea so I was all set for a good day of exploration!!


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