Chapter 657: Shinonome Shrine (東雲神社)

Shinonome Shrine (東雲神社) in Matsuyama.

Located close to the Rope-way entrance that will take you to the castle! You’ll come across a steep flight of grey stoned stairs that takes you 2 ways, to the castle itself (left) if you fancy walking up the hill, and the other (right), to the Shinonome Shrine. Constructed in 1823, with a long relationship with Noh performances held here during April. I love shrines, especially ones that are located on a hill / mountain simply because it is blessed with a good view, here there were also beautiful greenery that shaded me away from the blazing sun.


One thought on “Chapter 657: Shinonome Shrine (東雲神社)

  1. Hello.

    Your country offers very much gorgeous surprises, like Shinonome Shrine! What a wonderful Place for a visit! Thank You for this post.

    Have a good day!

    BTW, today Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko visit my country.

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