Chapter 664: A Short Stroll in Kotohira

I took a stroll around town and fell in love with Kotohira. I didn’t have enough time to goto the shrine as I had a shuttle-bus to catch, but I had enough time to see a little bit of its beauty. Kotohira is located in Kagawa, despite being a small town it’s quite lively with a lot of happy people which you’ll find on the Main Street. On the river after the station, you’ll find many yellow lanterns. Kotohira reminds me little bit of Nagasaki, but only smaller.

The town is famous for its shrine Kotohira-Gu (金刀比羅宮) which is also known as Konpira Dai Gongen (金比羅大権現), locals have shorten the name to simply Konpira San, which sounds kinda cute. At this point in time, my feet were swollen from the constant walking in my new sneakers, I also had blisters which were very unpleasant….For the entire day I had to endure the pain…. One day I shall return to explore the shrine!! And, I’ll have better shoes.


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